AEDT 3f Pricing Schedule

Please review the AEDT End User License Agreement (EULA).
If you have any questions regarding AEDT pricing and purchase steps, please email us at

AEDT Pricing Pricing Description
New AEDT 3f Site License1
  • AEDT 3f Site License: US $1200
  • Additional Site Licenses: US $800

Additional Seat Licenses
  • AEDT 3f Additional Seat: US $170 (each)

Technical Support Units2
  • AEDT Technical Support: US $150 per hour

AEDT 3f Site License Upgrade from Existing AEDT 2a License
  • AEDT 3f Site License Upgrade: US $600
  • Additional Site Licenses Upgrade: US $400
1An AEDT 3f site license includes a single seat license, which allows installation of the full AEDT application on one computer within a single Office.
  • An Office is defined as a single organizational unit or entity, having a unique function, comprising one or more contiguous rooms in a single location.
  • Installation on additional computers within the Office, portable computers while on official travel or home computers for use on behalf of the Office, would require the purchase of additional Seat Licenses at the price of $170 per Seat.
  • Example: If your Office has 5 computers planned to run the full AEDT installation (3 workstations in the office, 1 laptop for official travel, and 1 home computer) you would purchase an AEDT site license at the price of $1200 and then purchase 4 additional Seat Licenses at $170 each.

AEDT licenses do not include technical support. Support hours will need to be purchased in advance in order to receive support. Once technical support hours are purchased and the order is processed, support can be obtained from the Submit Feedback page or by emailing A minimum purchase of two support hours is required. Processing time for technical support orders is typically 1-2 business days.

This section outlines the steps for purchasing AEDT and registering for the AEDT Support website account.

Please email the AEDT Support Team at for questions regarding AEDT purchase.
Do not contact the EUROCONTROL for AEDT purchase or other AEDT related questions.

Step 1. Apply for the BADA License for AEDT 3

IMPORTANT: All non-FAA and non-EUROCONTROL users of AEDT 3f must apply for the BADA License for AEDT 3, This is necessary even if you were previously approved for the BADA license for AEDT 2.

Please visit; the access procedure for the EUROCONTROL's OneSky Online is explained at the bottom of the page. Once you are logged in the BADA User Interface website, you can request a license. Select “Tools where BADA is integrated” as the license type and select "AEDT 3" as the name of the tool. Please review this guide that describes the BADA license request workflow.

You must request and acquire a BADA license in advance of purchasing AEDT. If your BADA license request is denied by EUROCONTROL, then you will not be allowed to purchase AEDT software.

  • The European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation's (EUROCONTROL) Base of Aircraft Data (BADA) is a critical database integrated into AEDT.
  • The BADA license is free to obtain.
  • EUROCONTROL can take up to two weeks to respond to an individual license request. Incomplete information in the BADA license application form can delay the license approval process.
  • Each site that is licensed to use AEDT must have at least one AEDT BADA license issued to a user at that site. The AEDT BADA license should be obtained by a user who has the authority to agree to the BADA agreement on behalf of their company and will be treated as an official point of contact by EUROCONTROL.
  • Users who already possess a BADA license tied to another application, such as EDMS, must obtain a BADA license specifically for AEDT.
  • BADA “standard” licenses are not applicable to AEDT and cannot be used with AEDT.

Step 2. Register for an user account on the AEDT Support Website

Once your BADA license for AEDT 3 is approved, create a user account on the AEDT Support Website by clicking the Register page

Step 3. AEDT Support Team will activate your account

AEDT Support Team will verify that at least one user at your site has an AEDT BADA agreement, then activate your account.

Step 4. Purchase AEDT online through the secure page

Once your account is activated, you can access the Purchase AEDT page and purchase AEDT.

Step 5. AEDT Support Team will send a purchase confirmation email and allow download of AEDT

Once download is enabled, you can download the AEDT installer from the Downloads page, and view & submit feedback.

FAA employees: FAA employees do not need to apply for the BADA license. Contact the National Service Center ( and request the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT). NSC will direct you to a software request form. Budget at least one hour for an IT technician to install AEDT onto your computer.

US Federal Government Agencies: US Federal Government agencies may receive AEDT at no cost (up to 3 installations/seats). A written request must be submitted to AEDT Technical Support at in the form of a scanned copy of the request on agency letterhead. Please include the applicant's name, company name, address, telephone number, and number of site licenses requested.

US State and Local Government Agencies: There are currently no discounts or free licenses available for US state and local government agencies.