Technical Faqs

Technical FAQs for AEDT are updated frequently; please check back occasionally for updates.

General Faqs

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General FAQs

1. What is AEDT?

General information on AEDT and availability can be found at the Product Information page.

2. What is the latest version of AEDT?

AEDT 3e is the latest version of AEDT and was released on May 9, 2022.

3. Does AEDT require administrative rights in order to be used?

Yes, AEDT requires administrative privileges for both - installation and execution of the software. There is currently no work around for this as AEDT requires creating and registering Component Object Model (COM) components into the Windows Registry, which Microsoft now requires administrative privileges to perform.

4. What are the system requirements of AEDT?

Before purchasing AEDT please ensure your computer(s) meets the minimum system requirements. AEDT 3e system requirements and specifications can be found at the Product Information page.

5. Where can I obtain technical support for AEDT?

AEDT technical support can be obtained by purchasing technical support hours and submitting a help ticket using the Submit Feedback page. A minimum purchase of two support hours is required. Processing time for technical support orders is typically 1-2 business days. For general sales and licensing questions, please email

6. Are there training courses for AEDT?

The FAA provides introductory self-paced training material available in the Instructional Resources section of the website’s Downloads page. There are organizations that have developed in-person training courses that are offered to the public. These training opportunities are not endorsed by FAA, but the links below are provided as a courtesy to our users.

We will attempt to keep this list up to date, but please let us know if new opportunities have become available that are not listed here.

Purchase and Licensing

1. How much does AEDT cost and where can I purchase it?

The AEDT pricing schedule and purchase information can be found at the Pricing page.

2. Why isn’t AEDT free? What factors were considered when determining the pricing of AEDT?

Although AEDT is software developed with Government funding, there is a licensing cost for bundling ESRI’s GIS technology with AEDT.

3. Is there a free trial version of AEDT?

No, there are no trial versions of AEDT.

4. Is there a discount price of AEDT for educational or training purposes?

There are no educational or training discounts for AEDT.

5. Is there a price discount for AEDT 3e if I already have INM/EDMS/NIRS/AEDT 2a?

AEDT is a different software tool from INM/EDMS/NIRS and must be purchased separately. There is no price discount for existing INM/EDMS/NIRS users. Each software requires its own license. There is a 50% discount for existing AEDT 2a users that upgrade to AEDT 3e. Please see the Pricing Page for pricing schedule.

6. Does the price of AEDT 3e include updates and subsequent releases such as service packs?

The price of AEDT ef includes all patches and service packs to be released for AEDT 3e.

7. With a site license can I install AEDT on multiple machines in my office?

An AEDT site license includes a single seat license, which allows installation of the full AEDT application on one computer within a single Office. An Office is defined as a single organizational unit or entity, having a unique function, comprising one or more contiguous rooms in a single location. Installation on additional computers within the Office, portable computers while on official travel or home computers for use on behalf of the Office, would require the purchase of additional Seat Licenses at the price of $170 per Seat. For example: if an Office has 5 computers planned to run the full AEDT installation (3 workstations in the office, 1 laptop for official travel, and 1 home computer) one would have to purchase an AEDT site license at the price of $1200 and then purchase 4 additional Seat Licenses at $170 each.

8. Can I request a free copy of AEDT for a federal government project?

Free licenses of AEDT are only available to Federal Government Agencies.

US Federal Government agencies receive AEDT at no cost (up to 3 installations/seats). A written request must be submitted to AEDT Technical Support at in the form of a scanned copy of the request on agency letterhead. Please include the applicant's name, company name, address, telephone number, and number of site licenses requested.