Welcome to the FAA's Office of Environment and Energy - AEDT Support Website

The Aviation Environmental Design Tool version 2b (AEDT 2b) will be released by the FAA on May 29th, 2015. For all questions regarding the AEDT 2b release schedule, please contact Chris Sequeira (202-267-7821) or Fabio Grandi (202-267-9099) at the FAA.

This website is provided by the FAA's Office of Environment and Energy as part of its Models - Aviation Environmental Tools Suite. This site is dedicated to helping you resolve issues that you may have when using the Aviation Environmental Design Tool or simply AEDT. The site is organized as follows:

  • Product Informationdescribes the current release version and lists AEDT 2a system requirements and documentation.
  • Purchase: describes AEDT 2a pricing schedule and purchase information.
  • Outreach: lists the latest AEDT news and videos.
  • FAQs:  contains a list of frequently asked questions including known issues.
  • Downloads:  lists the installer for the current AEDT release, including pre-requisites and optional tools.
  • All Feedback:  lists the support feedback submitted by AEDT users, including the current status.
  • My AEDT:  lists the support feedback submitted by you, and links for managing your account.
  • Submit Feedback:  contains a form for submitting incidents, questions and suggestions for improvement.

This site is maintained by the AEDT Development Team at the U.S. Department of Transportation's John A. Volpe National Transportation Systems Center.